Friday, May 29, 2009

pick me up...if you like

Oli and I are are featured in one of the UK's most classy *ahem* magazines this week...Pick Me Up!

I must admit it took us a bit of persuading to appear in the article as I don't usually read/condone these sort of 'my twin ate my baby' magazines but after being told the number of readers this magazine has we couldn't turn it down, thinking how many people that could potentially sign up to the organ donor register after reading our story.

Anyway, our article doesn't seem to be too bad. Apart from the bit that makes me sound like I should be the winner of the Billy No Mates 2009 award...but the less said about that the better!

Anyway here's the article. Enjoy.

PS. All ok on the Kasper front. Have been out of action for a bit with some horrible food poisoning but apart from that all ok. Next week is very busy with lots of shoots for Give and Let Live. Can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Like the Chuckle Brothers heading!!

Get any money for it? It could make the whole ordeal more bearable.

Laura P xxx

Sacha said...

Wait,'re a girl?x

Holly said...

yeah the £1 million payment they offered me did kind of soften the blow Laura ;)

And haha Sacha, you're hilarious.


David said...

It's great to see how well you're doing! I'm going to nominate Oli for the Pride of Britain award and hope that's OK with you? Let me know if not and I'll fully understand! If you're OK with it - could you nominate him also?

Much Love to you, Dan and your wonderful parents and brother. david x

Holly said...

YES! Great idea David. Can you send me details of how to nominate via email?
Hope you're all well :) x