Friday, June 26, 2009

summer is here!

The thing that I am loving most about this summer is that I can actually do things in the day AND in the evening on the SAME day! As you all no doubt know when summer comes around the social diary gets fuller and fuller with BBQs, evenings in the park, best friends coming back from Australia to visit (yes, Han, that's you), drinks after work, concerts ...I could go on. Last summer I was dialysing Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. Tuesday and Thursday nights I was so knackered that I very rarely went out at all. This week I'll have done something fun four nights out of five as well as worked all week. I could have never managed that a year ago. Yeah sure I'll be tired tonight and probably treat myself to a nice little lie in followed by brekkie in the garden reading the papers tomorrow morning but the fact is I have so much more freedom now, it's amazing! All thanks to one very, very selfless and lovely person...

I have just written a post on my photography blog which will explain a bit about what I've been up to...but in short I've been having lots of fun, holidaying, working very hard, photographing, writing and feeling good!

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Holly said...

I sooooo know what you mean about doing two things in one day! It's such a novelty and the freedom is amazing!

I am enjoying so many more nights out and finding I get less tired is fantastic! I wouldn't have dreamed this would have been possible this time last year...

Lovely blog, Enjoy your summer!

See you in a few weeks, much love x