Saturday, July 19, 2008

Three Thousand Words

Here are a few photos that my boyfriend and I took last night at dialysis.

Below is the main strech of the unit. That's my machine on the right. This photo was taken quite late at night so there are very few people left in the unit.

The next photo shows the dialyser on the right of the photo. This effectively is my subsitute kidney, and is the main component of the machine.

The last photo is another part of my dialysis machine. The tube on the left of the picture is actually an air trap and prevents bubbles from going in to my line and into my body. Clever little thing really. If air does get past these traps an internal machine air sensor shuts down the blood pump and an alarm will sound.

Oh and that's me in the backgrond pretenting to be engrossed in something in the distance.

Hope these photos gives a little insight in to my thrice weekly trips down to the hospital!

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Amanda said...

Hi Holly

Came here this morning through Baldy's Blog. You're a born writer and your blog is very readable. I was really touched by your account of nearly finding a kidney. Keep writing, keep posting and good luck - I'll bookmark your blog...

Kind regards