Saturday, August 9, 2008

the ex-hypochondriac on route to the OC - Part 3

Instead of telling the airline about my illness and running the risk of them bumping me off onto a fight at a later date because of it, it was decided that I should take a lovely concoction of drugs to ‘almost’ sedate me and fly back on the date that we’d planned.

I wasn’t particularly aware of what kind of medicine they gave me on the morning I was to fly back, nor did I really care at the time. But imagine having a super power where you could close your eyes in one place, and then open them and you were in a totally different place. Bit like apparating in Harry Potter. Well it was pretty much like that, one minute a nice American nurse was asking me so swallow a few pills, and the next I am sitting in A & E in Charing Cross Hospital. I kid you not.

I realise I had not magically transported myself from one place to the other, but for the life of me I couldn't remember a thing, those pills obviously did their job and put me into a mega deep sleep.

A few weeks later, when I was feeling much better, my family decided to fill me in on what really happened.

Being very ill and bedridden for the past few days I was extremely weak so at the airport my parents borrowed a wheel chair and wheeled me around in it. I somehow don’t think walking would have been advised anyway, not with the amount of sedation medicine I had just been given. Introductions might have gone something like 'face meet floor, floor meet face.'

After being wheeled through security, having been as quiet as a mouse for the last 5 hours as I was dosed up to the eyeballs, I jumped out of the chair, tipped my purse upside down sending coins and notes flying and screamed "I don't want this Monopoly money, TAKE IT AWAY!"

My parents were shocked to say the least and god knows what everyone in the airport thought of me. The money was hurriedly scooped back into my purse by my flustered parents while I had returned to my chair. A quick tour round the shops was to be our next activity as it was hoped that might take my mind off the dreaded Monopoly money.

Unfortunately for everyone in the airport it wasn't long before I had another slightly mental alteration, even more bizarre than the first...

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