Thursday, October 23, 2008

home james

Another super-speedy post just to say that I am home from the hospital and everything is still going swimmingly. Kasper is behaving beautifully and is a true pro at his new job. Oli, although a little sore, is also at home with me recovering nicely.

I will post a proper account of everything that has actually gone on in the past week as soon as I head is swimming with thoughts at the moment and it all seems a little hard just to condense in to a few little paragraphs. (So be prepared for some serious rambling...) Oh and I also took a shed load of photos, as did my Dad and Oli so those will be going up soon too. Until then! 

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Tinypoppet said...

hey sweets,

Firstly, WELCOME HOME! Fantastic to hear you are back already.

I know lungs are different but....

make sure you give yourself plenty of time to heal; it's all a bit mind-boggling and so be very gentle with yourself, take time out when you need to and be open and honest to those around you so they can support you well.

So happy for you; here's for your new found freedom :)