Monday, December 1, 2008


I've recently got involved in a brilliant campaign called Battlefront, a Channel 4 programme where young people are given the opportunity to fight for a cause that they really believe in.

Back in October Battlefront had already chosen it's campaigners but were looking for one more. Holly Shaw, a fellow long term dialyser and recent transplantee, put forward a brilliant pitch and was voted to be the 20th campaigner. Since her win she received the call that she had been waiting for and received a new kidney at the end of October. Hoorah! As she is recovering from the op Emily has stepped in to give her a hand and myself, Abby and Freya have also become 'Holly's Helpers' and are currently in talks about ideas for the project.

The campaign is aimed for 14 - 21 year olds and the first episode aired this morning at 11.30am on Ch4 - the series runs through to the summer. We've got some awesome ideas lined up for the campaign so watch this space for more info on the exciting projects...

In the meantime please check out Holly's Battlefront page and also her Bebo page. It's an absolutely fab cause, as I'm sure you'll all agree!

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Donna said...

I just turned on my laptop n read this, so I quickly turned on the TV to catch the 2nd half of the prog. I'm off sick from work with a virus I'm sure I only caught cause I quit smoking....and the show is about smoking! How ironic is that?!
Looks like a good show xx