Wednesday, December 10, 2008

staples, guardian and back to work

Lots of nice and exciting things have happened since I last did a little medical based update.

For one I had my staples out. Yep, all 54. It was actually pretty painless. AND they let me keep the staples...definitely something to stick in the renal scrapbook. Other exciting things - I had a photo published in the Guardian (along with this tagalong) which was super douper on the excitement scale. And then the Guardian Weekend magazine published a letter I wrote the following week...which was also really exciting until I realised I actually sounded quite smug (it was the way the letter was edited, I swear) and so decided to keep relatively quiet about that one!

Kasper is still being fab and very hard working. Oli had obviously made him take a crash course on How To Be A Good Kidney In Someone Else's Body in preparation...or maybe ol' Kasper is just a little confused and thinks he is still in Oli's body...either way I'm not too fussed as long as he is working!

My hospital appointments have been reduced to roughly every ten days, which is great news for me - and for my credit card due to there being a huge shopping centre next door. The twice weekly appointments were a little tough on the bank balence, it appears I cannot resist Topshop.

I also went back to work, part time, on Monday which made me feel like an almost normal person for the first time in weeks. Not only was it lovely to see everyone it also really reiterated the fact that I feel so much better after my transplant. I noticed how all the little things I do at work all the time felt so much easier, and less effort. I didn't think twice about jumping out of my chair to pick up an invoice from the printer, whereas before this would have been a real drag.
I don't think I will ever get tired of these little novelties, no matter how trivial they are.


smudge said...

Hi Holly

That's great you are doing so well, really pleased for you? How is Oli getting on - hoping that he's doing well and too busy to update his blog! I'm currently going through donor tests to see if I can donate to my best mate so have been reading yours and Oli's stories with great interest.

L x

Holly said...

Hey there!
Thanks for your comment - funnily enough I was going to post an Oli update blog very soon, so will get to it! Best of luck with your tests, really hope it all goes well. You're doing an amazing thing. x

Oli (not THAT one) said...

The greatest thing about transplant is that you don't ever get used to the little trivialities of things you can do now that were hard or impossible before.

Sometimes they escape you and then you catch yourself leaping up for something and think... "Hold on, I couldn't have done that before."

It's the greatest feeling in the world!

Holly said...

Couldn't agree with you more! (Great blog by the way!) x

jen said...

hey holly, glad you're slowly getting back to *almost* normality.

I remember actually being excited to go back to work after my transplant as I could feel normal again- best feeling ever! Although I probably went back too soon and overdid it, so take it slow

Jen x

Holly said...

Hi Jen, I was really excited too! But after two days of working flat out I'm exhausted so am taking it easy today :)