Friday, January 2, 2009

nye, monopoly and 2009

This time 5 years ago I was in intensive care in California. I remember New Years Eve, and groggily watching the clock in the ward chime midnight to open the year 2004. I kind of expected the nurses to do a little countdown and say happy new year, but apparently that doesn't happen in the ICU unit.

5 years on my New Year was filled with everything a fun NYE should be - super yummy food, fab friends... and Monopoly. I usually start the new year feeling quite nostalgic, and I expected this year to be exactly the same but more so due to the crazy few months I've just had. Strangely I didn't feel this, I just felt excited at the year ahead and ready to tackle 2009 head on. I guess I don't feel the usual ties I have felt in the past, the constant feeling that I have to be dialysised three times a week, and the constant thought that I was waiting for that call that would change my life. I just feel such a sense of freedom that I can't ever remember feeling - I can go where I want, when I want - and most importantly I can do it feeling engergised and well. There is no better feeling.

matches can be fun.

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Donna said...

Pretty much the best Christmas n New Year prezzie ever then?! :0)