Saturday, April 4, 2009

home sweet home

I left the land of Oz a couple of days ago, and am now back in sunny (yes, sunny) London. Apparently Spring arrived whilst I was away.

My three weeks of relaxation, reading, exploring and spending time with my bestest friend has done me and Kasper the world of good. I feel refreshed and healthy and a lot less stressed. Yesterday I popped into the hospital for a normal check up and they were so pleased with my progress that they have allowed me to not come back for 5 weeks! Weirdly I suddenly felt like someone had snatched away my security blanket when I was told this, but the Doctor assured me that they were always there if I needed them (said security blanket was returned and I felt better.)

Me wading through the rough torrents of the ocean, photo by Han.

I have uploaded lots of photos from Australia on to my flickr account which is you can check out here. I'm getting some films developed today as well as the digital ones, so shall we adding those over the next few days too.

The next week is going to be particularly busy with various things - most importantly Oli is coming to stay! We haven't seen each other in quite a few weeks, so I am really looking forward to spending some time with him, and reuniting Kasper with his twin brother. Oli is coming down to help out with Donor Day which is on 7th April. There are going to be lots of donor desks all over the UK so do say hello if you see one.

Please feel free to post the flyer on your blog, or add it to facebook and tag lots of your friends. And of course, do sign up to the donor register if you haven't already :)

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