Monday, March 30, 2009

down south

We've just returned from a few days 'down south' in Dunsborough. We stayed in a little youth hostel on Geographe Bay, which was one of the most stunning beaches I have ever seen. The water was so calm and clear, with lots of little fishes swimming about - and a huge sting ray too!

We spent the rest of the weekend exploring, rock climbing, reading, swimming, surfer spotting, kangaroo stalking and of course playing Block Tumbler aka Jenga...I totally need to go in to training for this game, I seem to manage to knock the tower down everytime.

Tonight we're off for a BBQ down at the river which'll be lovely. - Hannah is making home made burgers as well as her own onion relish and BBQ sauce - GBK eat your heart out! I'm going to don my dolphin spotting goggles in the hope that I see one.

Not long till I am back in London now, and luckily I have got lots to look forward to when I get back which will hopefully take the holiday blues away a bit. It's Donor Day on the 7th April which is really exciting - and Oli is coming down from Leeds for that too which is great. The film that I produced called Finding Sol is also premiering on the 9th, so that will be a nerve wracking yet exciting evening... and I've also got a few exciting projects coming up, which I am really keen to get on with...more on that soon!

Conor does a spot of break dancing on Eagle Bay


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