Monday, November 3, 2008

20/10/08 - 3 days post TX - Bambi walking, marzipan and cathater handbags.

I was promoted to the next level of kidney recipient today, as I managed to sit out of bed all afternoon, go on a little walk with the help of two super nurses (doing my best Bambi impression), eat another soup based lunch and best of all I was even upgraded to a pink hospital gown! Fancy.

Catheter handbags. They're all the range doncha know?

Still looking mega puffy. Don't think the gown is that flattering either to be honest...

Oli was doing really well too - so well that to my surprise he was told he could go home today and rejoin normal life. No more cannulas, needles or sadly for him, IV paracetamol. Oli and I both grew very found of our six hourly IV paracetamol and even started craving it...probably not a good thing! Before Oli packed up his suitcase and put on trainers for the first time in 4 days his lovely Grandparents came to visit - all the way from Leicester, and we had a nice afternoon chatting to them.

Yummy treats from Hannah - lemon tart and a Milo marzipan cat.

After Oli was collected and sent back to my parents house to re-cooperate I was all alone in the hospital for the first time in days. It felt really strange without him but luckily I was kept occupied by plenty of visits from family and friends and of course the almost hourly bloods, doctor poking, drug taking and wee measuring...


Donna said...

Reading this makes me so happy for u that I feel like crying!
And in case you hadn't figured it out from my Facebook profile, I'm not really that girly!

Holly said...

Ah I'm so glad you are enjoying reading it! It's always fab to hear when people are reading/enjoying my blog - makes it all the more worthwhile writing! xx