Sunday, November 9, 2008

21/10/08 - 4 days post TX - walkies, mac 'n cheese and moving wards

With the help of the nurses I conquered walking around the whole renal block today, I even got a little tour of the theaters. Very exciting. Tiring and painful as it was, it was also incredibly liberating after being stuck in the same room for days.

looking very pleased with myself after the walk

The Doctors still seemed to think I was doing very well as they freed me from some more lines and cannulas and moved me down to another ward - I even got to skip the general renal ward and went straight to the day/short stay ward which was awesome (there tends to be a lot of crazies in the general ward...I avoid going there at all costs.)

packing up my wash bag, ready to go to the new ward

I even upgraded myself to choosing a proper meal off the hospital menu - macaroni cheese and sweetcorn. Perhaps it was the fact I hadn't eaten anything proper in 4 days, but I thought it was absolutely delicious and polished off the lot.


Meanwhile, Oli was recovering nicely at my parent's house and being entertained by my little brother, Will.

Oli and Will looking fascinated.

List of lots of meds which I am having to follow closely.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is wonderful reading, Holly. I'm so pleased everything has gone well for you.

I'm hoping to have a live transplant with my dad and he's just finished all the tests. So reading your blog has given me terrific insight in to the whole experience. It doesn't seem so frightening anymore.

Laura x

Holly said...

Hi Laura!

Thanks so much for your message, I'm glad it's giving you a good insight and you are enjoying reading it. Having a transplant was a lot less scary than I first thought it was. And I feel a million times better now! Good luck with yours, I'm sure everything will go really well.