Friday, November 21, 2008

28/10/08 - 11 days post tx - a weekend in pictures

Almost as soon as I had got home I reached for the kitchen scissors and chopped my hospital name bands off. After spending so much time in hospital in the past few years I almost started to feel slightly owned by them - especially when they insist on dressing you in gowns imprinted with the colourful pattern of the words 'property of the NHS'. Like I'd ever take one and add it to my wardrobe!

I received lots of beautiful bunches of flowers from people - the ones above are from my Aunt Sara in Canada, and the ones below (and the cute teddy) are from my Grandma also in Canada.

Above is a photo of me standing at the end of my road after my first 'walk'. When I say walk it was more like a stagger up the road and back again but it was a beautiful sunny day and I felt that even getting outside for a bit was a little achievement.

Oli was staying with us for the first week after I got back and we had a lot of fun playing on rockband (or until I nearly burst a stitch getting too over ethusiatic on the drums) Oli was a natural at singing and basically put the rest of us to shame.

On the day after I came home from the hospital Oli's family came down to London for a couple of days which was lovely - I hadn't seen his little brother in 9 years, or even met his little sister Eva, yet! So whilst they headed into central London for a day of shopping fun I kicked back and relaxed and tried to think healing vibes!

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slammin_g said...

Hey, there I wasn't sure where to answer your comment so I just thought I would write away here. lol. Anyway, I got my first transplant just from the tranplant list a cadaveric (I dunno if thats right??)I'll write a wee bit about it in my blog :) Its really cool to find someone else thats young and just gets on with there life and has a sense of humour about things!! Keep me posted on how your transplant is going. Best Wishes Lisx