Monday, November 10, 2008

22/10/08 - 5 days post TX - moving house, byebye catheter and freshly washed hair

After a night on the ward sleeping next to The Loudest Snorer in the World I was finally rid of my catheter which I had literally began to hate. The amount of times the tube got caught up on chair legs or nearly tripped me up was ridiculous. Also having to lug a bag of wee around at all times was neither cool or stylish. But as I have said before you lose all dignity in hospital...and anyway I was secretly proud at what a fine job Kasper was doing.

So without my catheter weighing me down I was able to have my first catheter free shower which if it hadn't been for the icy cold water it would have been quite a pleasant experience. Chilly water aside it was good to have clean hair. My hair over the past few days had somehow started to resemble a greasy helmet. So not cool.

After having very little sleep the night before I thought I'd try my luck and asked in my nicest and politest voice if by any chance, please, that there was possibly, please, any way that I could be moved to a quieter ward, please? And to my disbelief the nurse moved in closely to me and hushed 'there's a private room to my right. It's empty at the moment, but not for long. If you are quick and put your stuff in there - it's yours.' Suddenly I wasn't aware of the 54 stapled wound and was shoving my clothes and dvds and numerous cordials in to bags as quickly as possible. The room was mine! En suite, a window with a view in to the hospital garden and best of all.....a TV! That night as I kicked back to Neighbours I got my first taste of normality....and a good nights sleep. Fantastic.

The new pad

Oli watching the magical TV

hangin' in my new abode

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